PlayStation Developer Firesprite Has Moved to a New Studio, and It Looks Expensive 1
Image: Firesprite

It turns out you're not allowed to be part of PlayStation Studios unless you have a really cool office space. The latest member of Sony's first-party group to move into some swanky new digs is Firesprite, PlayStation's largest UK-based team. We can see the brand new studio in an update on its website, and it looks very swish.

The new space is within an old Liverpudlian building that used to be a "library, maritime business, museum, and newsroom" before it became a super modern game studio. As well as decorating and outfitting the studio to meet the team's needs and tastes, some original details have been kept, like pillars and exposed walls.

There are large open areas that have been designed to accommodate people working in the office and at home. Additionally, the studio houses spaces for recreation, quiet focus, training, and more. In an effort to be as inclusive as possible, it also has gender-neutral bathrooms, parent nursing areas, a prayer room, and neurodivergent spaces.

Firesprite also points out its aim to be "climate positive". As well as having planted 50,000 trees and partnering with Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the studio will recycle 100 per cent of its waste, features low energy lighting that only activates when someone's around, and has plant life peppered throughout to purify the air.

All in all, it looks fantastic — but where's our invitation, Firesprite? We'll come and play pool with you anytime.

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