Battlefield 2042's grim vision of the future marches ever onwards, with the shooter's sixth season of live service support set to kick off on 10th October (rookies can play for free from 12th-16th).

The Redacted map (which you can take a tour through below) is coming, as well as additional weapons in the form of the VHX-D3 AR, the L9CZ Sidearm, and the G428 DMR, and the introduction of throwable Ammo and Medical Pouches, there's plenty here to sink your teeth into. There's also a new Battle Pass, with both free and Premium content for unlock, with new skins and XP boosters, just some of the rewards players can work towards

Have you been keeping a toe in the Battlefield ecosystem? How are you feeling about Dark Creations? Commence operations in the comments section below.