Persona 5 Tactica takes the mainline Persona 5 combat and turns it on its head, eschewing the stylish yet traditional JRPG format for crunchier SRPG fare. Thankfully, the adorable Sergeant Morgana has put together a series of instructional videos so that you can get up to speed as quickly as possible once Tactica launches on PS5 and PS4 next month, on 17th November. You can check out the latest episode of the P5T Marvelous Tactical Training Series above and previous lessons in the trailers below.

This latest lesson is all about the super-stylish new All-Out Attack, Triple Threat, which rewards players for mobility and strategic positioning. Downing an enemy and surrounding them with all three party members will trigger an opportunity to deal massive damage to the opposition and look damn good while doing it.

Earlier lessons cover fundamentals like, well, the cover system, as well the use of melee attacks to get a "One More", an additional turn to continue to lay down the hurt. We're all rookies at some stage or another; nothing wrong with nailing down the fundamentals!

Are you looking forward to playing Persona 5 Tactica? Or is Persona 3 Reload more your speed? Stand to attention in the comments section below.