EA Sports WRC's Trophy List Will Have You Driving Thousands of Miles for the Platinum 1

EA Sports WRC is just around the hairpin, arriving on PS5 on 3rd November, 2023. Codemasters' rally racing title appears to be very promising from what's been shown up to now, and we're excited to get going in a couple of weeks. Until then, EA is drip-feeding information about the game, with the latest details offering a look at the Trophy list.

Having looked through the range of trinkets on the official website, it looks like it'll be pretty straightforward. You'll need to drive 100 miles each on asphalt, gravel/dirt, and snow, and will need to rack up 1,000 cumulative miles across the game. Not necessarily challenging, just time-consuming. Perhaps more difficult will be things like completing a regularity rally event with zero penalty points, winning a WRC championship in Career mode, or some of the specific stage and car challenges.

There are two online-related Trophies, albeit easy ones; if you want the Platinum, you'll need to complete a quick play online event at Rally Estonia, and compete in a Clubs event.

All told, it seems like a very achievable list, and will have you trying out every aspect of EA Sports WRC. Will you be aiming for the Plat in this one? Tell us in the comments section below.

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