Rally is an insane motorsport, with powerful cars hurtling down loose surface roads and narrow pathways, often lined with trees, buildings, and fate-tempting spectators. Rally games these days capture that energy very well, and EA Sports WRC looks to be no exception, judging by this new gameplay video.

In it, we see a trio of cars on three different stages. It highlights the variety of the environments, with stages changing depending on the season, and shows the action from various different camera perspectives. Our main takeaway is that this looks exactly how we expected it to — it very much resembles DiRT Rally 2.0, only with official cars and branding. Obviously we'll need to get our hands on it to see how it really plays, but screaming down narrow tracks looks to be just as terrifying here.

This seems to be shaping up really nicely from where we're sitting, but what do you think? Are you excited for EA Sports WRC? Fasten your seatbelts in the comments section below.