Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Xbox
Image: Push Square

It's becoming increasingly easy to forget that there's a different Like a Dragon game coming out just a few weeks, because SEGA just won't shut up about the next mainline entry, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. Indeed, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name drops on the 9th November, but the marketing push for Ichiban's second adventure β€” out in January β€” feels like it's really drowning out the return of Kazuma Kiryu.

But if you're eager to see even more of Infinite Wealth, you're in luck. Xbox has announced a 20-minute 'Partner Preview', which will air on the 25th October, and RGG Studio will be there with "the latest information on Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth". We would assume this means a new trailer is incoming as opposed to a gameplay demonstration, given the length of the presentation.

Meanwhile, if you want to consume some Infinite Wealth footage right now, then we'd recommend checking out the 50 whole minutes of gameplay SEGA streamed last week:

Are you hoping to see anything in particular? Feel free to wash ashore in the comments section below.