SEGA hosted a meaty Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth stream last night, boasting just over 50 minutes of new gameplay footage. It's got turn-based battles — complete with reworked mechanics — loads of exploration, side activities, and more. You can watch the archived video above.

To be clear, this footage is taken from the demo you'll be able to play if you buy Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which is out next month on the 9th November. With that in mind, if you do plan on diving into the demo blind, then we'd probably advise against watching this whole thing.

In any case, the game is shaping up to be mental — even more mental than Yakuza: Like a Dragon, if such a thing is possible. Infinite Wealth is still set to release on the 26th January — the same day as Tekken 8, just to destroy us — but are your hype levels holding up? Join Ichiban and friends in the comments section below.