Trepang2 is an absolutely mental first-person shooter that released on PC earlier in the year, and now it's coming to PS5 on the 2nd October. Playing as a super solider with a seemingly insatiable hunger for blood and guts, there's a clear emphasis on completely over-the-top gameplay. You can slow time, pluck helpless enemies off their feet, and generally just massacre anything that stands in your way. Trepang2 was well received on Steam, where its relatively fresh brand of chaos won over a lot of players.

"A spiritual successor to the fast-paced and over-the-top first-person shooters of the mid-2000s, Trepang2 pairs high-octane, first-person gun-fu gameplay with a devastating heavy metal soundtrack, as players embark on a supernatural journey of death, destruction, and corporate conspiracies," reads the official press release.

The game features both a campaign that lasts five hours or so, and a horde mode that lets you go wild in an attempt to survive for as long as possible.

Have you heard of Trepang2 before? Might you be checking it out on PS5? Watch the bodies fly in the comments section below.