While Trepang2 has a name that makes absolutely no sense to us, this fast-paced, single-player FPS often gives us the same exhilaration you would expect from a game like DOOM. No matter what weapons you have equipped, the super soldier you play as, 106, is always the strongest person in the room. Combined with his time-slowing focus ability, you can run all over the place, dismantling any squad of enemies that steps in front of you. You feel like a action movie badass at most times. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Trepang2 is easy; we found the game very difficult when you pump up the challenge just a little bit.

While we never got tired of the fast-moving action that 106 is constantly met with, there are some shortcomings. Our biggest complaint with this game is how dark it is at all times. Even on a level where it's sunny, the moment you go indoors, it is very hard to see anything, even with a flashlight. The game also automatically turns off your flashlight when interacting with anything, which is annoying. It might be trying its best to hide the dull environments and add to the tension, but we found it more cumbersome than anything.

Trepang2 tries to be stealth and horror-focused at times, but going quiet with the cloak ability is never that fun, and outside a couple of cheap jump-scares, it’s not that scary. That said, the gunplay never gets old. Running through rooms of enemies while dual-wielding incendiary shotguns is a level of fun that really reminds us of shooters from the 2000s.

Trepang2 is a very fun shooter that sometimes loses its focus and wants to be a Swiss army knife that does everything. It aims to be a run-and-gun military game that's also a stealthy horror title at the same time. It’s good to try and mix in variety, but the only tool we want to use is the one that makes us feel like an unstoppable killing machine.