NIS America will re-release excellent JRPGs Trails of Cold Steel 3 and Trails of Cold Steel 4 as a PS5 duology in 'early 2024'. The two games are currently available separately on PS4, but the publisher now has a history of porting Falcom titles to Sony's current-gen console. Ys 8 and Ys 9 are two such examples.

The bundle, which is officially titled Trails of Cold Steel 3 / Trails of Cold Steel 4, will feature enhanced "high definition" visuals, and it'll include all of the cosmetic DLC for both Cold Steel 3 and Cold Steel 4. To clarify, the DLC packs consist of alternate costumes and accessories for loads of different characters.

There's no word on whether your save data from the PS4 games will carry over, however — and these are big RPGs, with each game offering roughly 100 hours of content.

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