NISA Falcom Livestream
Image: Push Square

It's all very short notice, but publisher NIS America has announced that it'll be hosting a special livestream tomorrow (that's the 21st September, just to be clear). Said stream will feature a "special announcement" from Falcom — the Japanese developer behind the Trails RPG franchise and the Ys series.

Our immediate take on this is that we could be getting confirmation of Kuro no Kiseki's western release. The first title in the latest Trails saga, Kuro initially launched for PS4 in 2021 in Japan. Falcom has previously shown clear intent to get the game published overseas, and with NISA going all-out to get western fans up to speed, we wouldn't be at all surprised if a reveal is happening soon (hopefully tomorrow!).

There are also those ratings for supposed PS5 versions of Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4 to consider. They were spotted earlier this month, and NISA obviously has a recent history of porting PS4 titles to Sony's current-gen console.

Will you be tuning in to this NISA stream? We'll be sure to post any relevant news here on the site, but until then, correctly set your expectations in the comments section below.