Kuro no Kiseki Localisation News

Originally released in 2021 in Japan, Kuro no Kiseki marks the beginning of a whole new story arc in Falcom's long-running The Legend of Heroes: Trails series. Western fans have been waiting on a localisation announcement for close to two years at this point, but it's yet to happen.

To be fair, though, the eventual overseas release of Kuro no Kiseki — which translates to Trails in the Dark in English — has always felt like an inevitability. That's because NIS America — Falcom's publisher here in the West — has been extremely busy in its quest to localise the latest Trails games, making sure that audiences outside of Japan are caught up on the franchise as quickly as possible.

In the last year alone, we've had localised releases of Trails from Zero, Trails to Azure, and in just a matter of days at the time of writing, Trails into Reverie. Trails spin-off title The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is also set to launch in September.

But where does that leave Kuro? Well, in our new interview with Toshihiro Kondo, the Falcom president told us that although there's no official announcement "quite yet", the company hopes to share news on Kuro "as soon as possible". That's a positive quote for anyone who's been holding out on Kuro confirmation.

If a localisation reveal really is incoming — and again, we assume it is — then it makes sense to wait until Trails into Reverie is out (and maybe Nayuta).

Are you expecting a Kuro-related announcement in the near future? When could you see the game releasing? Plan out your next Trails series playthrough in the comments section below.