Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn PS5 PS4

Keen to continue your Tales of Arise adventure? The newly announced DLC Beyond the Dawn is a meaty offering that fans of roleplaying games might struggle to find time for, and it'll set you back $30. Nevertheless, when a break in the constant RPG onslaught inevitably appears, this one will be waiting, providing plenty of incentive to return to a world we thoroughly enjoyed, and digital preorders are now live.

Beyond the Dawn is a narrative expansion to the base game, taking place more than a year after the climactic events of the base game. As such, this one is not a standalone expansion, and How Long to Beat has the base game at 40 hours alone (critical path), so if you want to be up to date by the 9th of November (and you weren't already), you'd better get a wriggle on.

Are you down for Beyond the Dawn? Or do the caveats and admittedly significant time investment make this one a miss? Let us know in the comments section below.

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