Sonic Superstars returns to the bad old sidescrolling days on Sega Genesis, with a few modern caveats. There's a chaotic multiplayer component, for one thing, which looks like it could be a ton of fun when the platformer launches next month, on PS5 and PS4, on 17th October.

Battle Mode is a new addition and will support up to eight players online or up to 4 players locally. You create and can customise your Metal Fighter, and the game aims to win three rounds of random stages. These can include Race, Zap Scrap, Star Snatcher and Survival gameplay modes, and points are earned according to where you place, and the player with the most aggregate points wins.

What do you think of this competitive multiplayer addition to Sonic Superstars? Does it look like a fun extra, or are you more interested in a traditional single-player outing? Spin dash into the comments section below.