We're now less than a month away from the release of Sonic Superstars, the hedgehog's latest side-scrolling adventure from SEGA. Leaning into the nostalgia factor with its retro-inspired design and classic characters, the publisher is following its tradition of releasing animated cartoons prior to the release of each Sonic game. Sonic Superstars: Trio of Trouble is now available to watch on YouTube, and it's typically delightful.

The short is named after the group of villains — Dr. Eggman, accompanied by Fang the Hunter and new character, Trip — who are in search of a ruin that could prove pivotal to the antagonist's latest evil plot. Before we cut to the present, though, Fang dreams of an encounter with heroes Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, which ends with a terrifying-looking Amy Rose about to flatten him with her trusty mallet.

The cartoon has a lot of charm and some nicely animated action, and it appears to be a prologue of sorts to the events of Superstars proper. The game arrives on 17th October 2023.

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