Sea of Stars PS5 PS4

Indie RPG Sea of Stars has continued to sell well since developer Sabotage revealed it's shifted 100,000 copies, to the point where it's already beaten the studio's sales expectations for the entire year. The game has now sold over 250,000 units despite being available on PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass. It'll be full price on PC and Nintendo Switch, or you could still opt to pay the £28.99 / $34.99 on PS5, PS4.

To capitalise on the success, the team is now busy making some DLC while a separate set of developers get to work on Sabotage's next full game. The expansion is called Throes of the Watchmaker and will form more narrative ties between Sea of Stars and The Messenger, with both games taking place in the same universe thousands of years apart.

The developer took to Twitter to thank those who bought the game. Are you one of them, or are you playing it via one of the subscription services? Let us know in the comments below.