Wild Hearts Support Rumour

Monster Hunter-esque action RPG Wild Hearts will soon be cut loose by publisher EA, according to a seemingly reliable Reddit leak, as reported on by Insider Gaming. Apparently, the plan is to end support for the game, which has received a number of free updates since its initial release — which was just seven short months ago. The leaker suggests that EA will make an official statement on the matter, possibly in the near future.

It's perhaps an unsurprising development for a title that didn't seem to catch on. Wild Hearts was met with largely positive reviews when it launched back in February, and EA, along with partner Koei Tecmo and developer Omega Force, had expected to keep the game flush with fresh content on a fairly regular basis. However, at least from our perspective, it felt like the title struggled to stay in the spotlight, and was quite quickly brushed aside during a busy release schedule.

Assuming this leak is correct, it'll be a shame to see Wild Hearts get left behind. If EA really did expect this new IP to go toe-to-toe with a colossus like Monster Hunter, then we think the blame probably lies with whoever's in charge of setting expectations at the publisher.

Did you ever play Wild Hearts? Are you sad to see this beast-slaying action RPG drop off? Sheathe your blade and slump away into the comments section below.

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