Wild Hearts Wo Long Sales

Koei Tecmo has released two high profile action titles this year, with Wild Hearts in February, and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty in March. Both games reviewed well, but at least from our perspective, it felt like they were brushed aside quite quickly in terms of the general gaming conversation. As such, we've been wondering how well these titles actually performed commercially.

The thing is, publishers rarely make a point of releasing sales data unless a game has done especially well for itself. In its latest earnings report, Koei Tecmo says that both Wild Hearts and Wo Long have enjoyed "successful" launches, but the report doesn't go into any details.

Fortunately for Koei Tecmo, the company's revenue is up year-on-year, and although its net profit is actually down, it looks to have been a fairly healthy 12 months for the publisher.

Still, the lack of defined sales data for Wild Hearts and Wo Long is bound to raise a few eyebrows, especially when Koei Tecmo is fine with sharing the sales numbers of other titles like the latest Atelier Ryza and Fatal Frame games. As such, it's difficult to gauge just how well these bigger budget action projects have performed.

Did you buy Wild Hearts or Wo Long? How do you think they did commercially? Wonder about oversaturation in the comments section below.

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