Finally, someone has gotten around to modding maps from FromSoftware's recent mech epic Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon into Elden Ring, the studio's magnum opus. While it might seem silly (unnecessary even) to zip around environments designed for massive mechs in human form, fans were quick to note the surprising level of detail and scale the studio had included when seen from a different perspective.

Modder Dropoff has been doing this essential work, and you can see the fruits of their labour in the video above. Commenters admired the studio's craft in a thread on the Armored Core subreddit. One wrote, "The scope of this game really sneaks up on you. It's mindboggling how much detail there is in a fairly grey and bland-looking world." Another noted, "Fromsoft's attention to detail. Even when the player spends all their time in a giant robot, the maps are all scaled to fit human norms."

Do you have a new appreciation for FromSoftware, or is this much ado about nothing? Hop out of your mech and touch digital grass in the comments below.

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