Stellar Blade PS5

We've only had one or two trailers for Stellar Blade, a PS5 console exclusive still technically scheduled for 2023. The first console game developed by Korean studio Shift Up, this sci-fi action RPG looks pretty promising so far, but details are thin on the ground right now. Recently, however, an official page on the PlayStation website gives us a teensy bit more — like confirmation of a physical version.

An FAQ on the page can be found if you scroll down, and it details a lot of previously known information. This is a "stylised action RPG" that takes place on a "not-too-distant future Earth, ruined beyond recognition during a global invasion that expelled humankind from its home planet". In addition to that, we learn that there are plans to release a disc version of Stellar Blade, so you can add it to your physical collection. Also, and this was always fairly clear, the game is single-player only, with no multiplayer component.

PlayStation fans are hoping to learn more about Stellar Blade at the next State of Play, which has been heavily rumoured to return sometime this month. Given there are only a few months of 2023 left, we should either expect this game to get a release date in the last quarter, or that it's being pushed into 2024. Still, we don't even know if the State of Play is actually a thing, so let's wait and see what happens.

Anyway, are you interested in Stellar Blade? Will you be nabbing a physical copy for your shelf? Let us know in the comments section below.

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