Teardown PS Plus Extra November
Image: Push Square

Delightfully destructive indie title Teardown has been given a 15th November release date on PS5, alongside confirmation that it'll be available through PS Plus Extra (and PS Plus Premium) from day one. It's the latest in a series of games to join Sony's second-tier subscription service at launch. Previously, indie RPG Sea of Stars made the jump, and seemingly proved to be a hit with players.

For those who may not quite know what Teardown is, it's a mission-based sandbox game where you're tasked with completing various objectives — most of which involve, er, tearing things down. The whole thing's made up of completely destructible environments and objects, so there's actually a lot of player freedom in how you tackle each challenge. The title's always been highly rated on PC, where it originally released in 2020.

"Creativity is at the heart of Teardown, across the campaign and Sandbox Mode, but that’s not everything. Our existing community has already made some impressive mods, and we’re excited to share that a selection of our favorites will also be playable on consoles," developer Tuxedo Labs writes on the PlayStation Blog.

Will you be giving Teardown a try when it hits PS Plus in November? Try not to blow holes in the comments section below.

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