Marvel's Spider-Man 2 really is shaping up splendidly — after going hands on with it, we're extremely confident in the PS5 exclusive sequel. However, we're not the only ones to gain access to the game recently, with lots of other reports and interviews popping up everywhere. There are a lot of details floating around, but this one in particular caught our attention.

In an interview with Gamertag Radio (shown above), James Ham, associate animation director on the game, is asked about incidental encounters you can have while exploring the open world, with interviewer Parris Lilly picking out a particularly cool example. He spotted a crime in progress, but when he got to it, Miles Morales was already there, dealing with it.

Ham says that, while you're swinging around New York, you may come across the other Spider-Man in the middle of doing something, such as fighting crime. So, if you're currently playing as Peter, you might see Miles beating up some thugs, and vice versa. You'll also be able to intervene, by the sound of it.

Obviously this isn't enormous news but it's a great touch to which fans have already responded very well. There are two Spider-Men in this game, so it makes sense you'd see the other hero out and about every now and then.

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