Marvel's Avengers

In case you missed the memo, Marvel's Avengers is leaving storefronts at the end of September. Square Enix's live service-centred superhero action game will be no more after about three years on the market, leaving PS Store on 30th September 2023 (though you can still play it after this date). However, as spotted by GamesRadar, you can at least check the game out in its final weeks on sale for a seriously reduced price.

On PS Store, Marvel's Avengers is currently 90 per cent off. This puts it at £4.49, or $3.99 across the pond. That's a pretty crazy bargain, and probably one you'll want to take advantage of. But why spend a few quid on a game that's getting the plug pulled in a matter of days, you ask? It's quite simple: the campaign.

While Marvel's Avengers will be remembered for its (ultimately quite poor) persistent online play, in which you team up with other heroes and tackle missions over and over to get better gear, the best part about the experience by far is its single-player story. It's easily our favourite part of the game, as outlined in our review of the PS4 version.

Centring on Kamala Khan, it's a story about her helping the superpowered group come back together after being framed for a devastating attack on San Francisco. "The story and everything that comes with it is a real highlight, allowing the exceptional Kamala Khan to take the lead and bring with her enjoyable combat systems and fun parkour," we said of the campaign, which lasts around 15 hours or so.

Basically, if you've yet to play Marvel's Avengers, maybe because of a lack of interest in its online side, now is a perfect time to jump in for next to nothing and check out its best aspect. It's certainly worth a go for that price.