High on Life is getting its first major piece of paid DLC next week. It's called High on Knife, and you can get up close and personal with the experience from 3rd October. We got a predictably odd claymation trailer announcing the offering, and while you should still expect a somewhat silly experience, the developers wanted to make things a little bit spooky this time around.

Squanch Games CEO Mike Fridley described the DLC offering thusly: "High On Knife is still freaking hilarious and weird, but we’re also getting a little spooky this time around. Not like ‘I may never sleep again’ levels of terror, but definitely on the ‘my dreams are going to be broken for a while’ end of things. Think body horror, but you start off with a horrible body, and it gets even more horrible. You’ll have to trust us on that for now.”

Consider our interest piqued, then. Did you pick up High on Life when it came to PlayStation, or had you played it previously? What do you think of High on Knife? Are you considering a second helping? Always carry a knife with the blade pointing downwards in the comments section below.

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