High on Life

A PS4 version of High on Life, the snarky comedic shooter developed by Squanch Games along with Rick & Morty brain Justin Roiland, has been discovered doing voices and making risque jokes in the alley behind the PlayStation database. Originally thought to be an Xbox console exclusive, it appears that could all be about to change, which is quite exciting, actually, as we've been meaning to catch up with Knifey for ages.

Spotted by Knoebel over on Twitter, a PS4 patch was discovered on the website ORBISPatches, which uses indentured AI servants to scrape the barnacles off PS4's nightmarish backside for hidden treasures, a process which occasionally bears bountiful fruit. PROSPEROPatches offers the same service for PS5.

While there is currently no entry for a PS5 iteration, it's possible that could come later; The PS4 listing was only created a few days ago, and it would be quite strange for a game of this profile to release on last-gen only. it's on Series X|S, after all.

The game's reception was somewhat overshadowed by Justin Roiland's subsequent legal charges (of which he was ultimately cleared) but was generally well-received by players. What do you think of High on Life potentially coming to PlayStation? Do your best Pickle Rick impression in the comments section below.

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