Armored Core 6 PS5 Performance

FromSoftware is still struggling to lock its games to 60 frames-per-second, it seems. The Japanese developer has a history of not quite reaching its technical targets, with beloved games like Bloodborne and even the much more recent Elden Ring exhibiting performance flaws — particularly on consoles. And it's the same old story with Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, according to the new analysis from Digital Foundry.

Now, obviously, the mech-'em-up is a completely different kind of game when compared to FromSoftware's famous action RPG output, but it still uses the same engine as the aforementioned Elden Ring. You can't fault the studio's flexibility, at least.

Again though, recurring issues are present in Armored Core 6. The report goes into detail about the game's three graphics settings on PS5: quality, performance, and ray-tracing. As you'd expect, quality bumps the resolution up at the cost of frames, while performance mode utilises dynamic resolution to keep the frame rate as close to 60fps as possible. However, both modes actually work with an unlocked frame rate.

The problem, then, is that even when using the performance mode, Armored Core 6 likes to drop frames. Digital Foundry calls its a "loose grasp on the target", which doesn't exactly paint a great picture — although it's apparently better than what you'll find in Elden Ring. Meanwhile, the 4K resolution mode mostly hovers between 30 and 45fps. It's the kind of fluctuation that makes us wonder whether some players would have just preferred a stable 30fps cap.

Funnily enough, just like with Elden Ring, the analysis presents the idea of playing the PS4 version of Armored Core 6 on PS5, via backwards compatibility. This does result in a more stable frame rate, but the trade-off is that you'll be looking at noticeably worse quality assets and textures, coupled with a lower resolution across the board.

Have the frame rate dips gotten to you at all in Armored Core 6? Build your mech and then start blasting in the comments section below.