Journey to Foundation was announced back in February, a virtual reality adaptation of Isaac Asimov's highly regarded sci-fi novels. The adventure title now has a release date, coming to PSVR2 on 26th October, 2023.

Over on the PS Blog, the developer says the game will take full advantage of Sony's headset, utilising haptic feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers and more to immerse players in the Foundation universe. "Anyone who reads Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series will know there are a lot of tense, exciting conversations where characters are grappling with the fate of the Empire or are engaged in a fierce battle of wills," writes developer Archiact's Ken Thain. "In adapting this iconic series to VR, we sought to make these conversational moments as satisfying and immersive as possible, which was possible by leveraging some of the PlayStation VR2’s unique features."

The headset haptics are put to use with protagonist Ward's Mentalic abilities, letting him see and control the emotions of others. Eye tracking will let you pick conversation options, and spot special objects in the environment that unlock "unique dialogue and new player paths".

You'll be given access to a modular pistol, with swappable chips changing its behaviour, and each will feel different via the Sense controller triggers. Elsewhere, you'll need to make physical hand gestures, such as raising your hands to surrender.

It sounds like a pretty decent experience, and doesn't look half bad in the above trailer. You can read more on the PS Blog. Are you excited for Journey to Foundation? Let us know in the comments section below.