You’ve probably heard of Isaac Asimov’s iconic Foundation novels, but we can’t imagine you expected them to get adapted to PSVR2. But that’s exactly what’s happening: Journey to Foundation is inspired by the ground-breaking saga that was first introduced over 80 years ago – pretty cool to see it explored in an entirely new medium like this.

“In this story-rich world, players are plunged into an epic journey through an area of space called The Periphery, where relationships will be strained, loyalties will be tested, and they must decide which factions will rise and fall,” executive producer Ken Thain explains. “In this game, the future is in your hands.”

You’ll play as Ward, an agent employed by the powerful Commission of Public Safety, who’s tasked with investigating unrest at the edge of the Galactic Empire. “The Empire has kept peace across the galaxy for over 12 thousand years, but cracks have started to emerge,” continues Thain. “Stagnation, apathy, and internal revolt all threaten to break it apart.”

He adds: “Your mission takes a turn when you discover a group of defectors who are planning to abandon the Empire and make their way to the Foundation, an organisation that was formed by famous psychohistorian Hari Seldon, who used mathematics to predict the Fall of the Empire. The player must join with the defectors to learn more about the Foundation and their plan to save humanity.”

So a dense backstory for a pretty deep narrative adventure which will see you engaging in deep conversations, making tough decisions, and utilising a variety of different shape-shifting tools. The title’s due out later this year on PSVR2, and is sounding really rather ambitious – despite its somewhat generic debut trailer.