EA Sports WRC is just around the hairpin bend on PS5, so it's high time we saw some proper gameplay footage. Well, in this new video, we get to see some in-game action, with a mix of raw gameplay, replay angles, and more besides. Our first impression? It's looking very promising indeed.

Codemasters is combining its rally expertise with the official WRC licence, meaning this will play very similarly to DiRT Rally 2.0, only with all the cars, courses, and teams from the real World Rally Championship. With courses up to 30km long, improved handling (specifically mentioning tarmac), and a mix of modern and historic cars to drive, this looks like a great first entry in Codies' WRC series. The engine sounds seem pretty authentic as well, and we even see some of the recording process.

As expected, the game will have you making use of the hybrid system in the Rally1 cars, meaning you'll use stored energy from applying the brakes to give yourself a tactical speed boost. The video also highlights the game's many assist and accessibility options, which will let you adjust things to your liking — although the emphasis is very much on this being a simulation.

The only aspect that seems less impressive is the visuals, but we'll reserve full judgement on that until we're looking at the final game on a good display. We're looking forward to getting our hands on this, at any rate, but what do you make of it? Drift into the comments section below.

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