Community: Push Square Community's Best Game of All Time Has Been Decided 1

You may recall that, a couple of weeks ago, the Push Square readership narrowed down its Best Game of All Time knock-out tournament to two finalists. After whittling the games down in a series of one-on-one votes, it all came down to a pair of iconic PlayStation titles — Bloodborne and Final Fantasy VII. It was a case of old vs. new, but which one prevailed in the final battle? We now know the final result.

Without any further ado, let's find out which game is crowned the one true GOAT.

Drum roll, please:

The winner of the Push Square community's Best Game of All Time Megapoll is...


Bloodborne PS4

Yes, this dark action RPG from Sony's now-dissolved Japan Studio and the talented team at FromSoftware is the winner. With its immaculate art direction, impactful combat, and macabre enemies and bosses, it's a real modern masterpiece. For many, it's FromSoft's best work, and many more would consider it easily among the best PS4 games. Our review called it a "sensationally designed and superbly refined" game, praising its eldritch horrors and the interconnected map of Yharnam.

The final vote was close-run; Bloodborne won with 48 votes, but Final Fantasy VII was only four votes behind on 44. While it's unusual to see a more modern game take the victory in these sort of things, it's a worthy winner. Most importantly, it's your winner. This is the final result in a community-driven voting extravaganza that's been going on in the forums for months, organised by our very own Kidfried. Well done for this awesome effort, Kidfried, and thanks to all those who took part.

If you're curious about the wider results, you can view the top 128 through the link, which also includes a list of games that didn't quite make the cut.

So, what do you reckon? Is Bloodborne the best game of all time? Discuss (nicely!) in the comments section below.