Community: Push Square Readers Narrow Down Best Game of All Time Vote to Two Classics 1
Image: Push Square

We're facing up against that eternal question yet again — what's the best game of all time? Which single title trumps all others? It's impossible to truly answer, as there are countless incredible games that could be worthy of being labelled the GOAT. However, that's not dissuaded our enthusiastic readership from finding an answer anyway.

Yes, the Push Square community has been working together for a long time now to determine the best game ever, all carried out in the forums. Spearheaded by Kidfried, the project has seen our readers whittling down hundreds of games across all platforms in a tournament-style series of polls. If you're interested, you can see which games made it into the top 128 through the link.

Now, though, it's all come down to the last remaining two. Our community has cast its votes, and the epic final is between two heavy-hitting PlayStation classics: Bloodborne and Final Fantasy VII.

The former is FromSoftware's PS4 exclusive action RPG, widely considered a modern masterpiece owing to its hard-hitting combat, incredible art direction, and unforgettable bosses. The latter is Square Enix's seminal PS1 RPG that made an enormous impact in the late 90s; its memorable story, cutting-edge 3D visuals, and timeless turn-based battle system made it the favourite of millions.

It's old vs. new, then — do you think Cloud Strife's influential adventure is too important to ignore, or has the raw and bloody action of Bloodborne cemented it as the true top dog? There's only one way to find out: FIGHT! VOTE!

You can have your say in the dedicated forum topic through the link. If you're logged in, you can drop by the forum and leave a reply, casting your vote for either Bloodborne or Final Fantasy VII. Which game will get your support? Head to the forum and make your voice heard, then discuss in the comments section below.

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