Will There Be a Twisted Metal Season 2? No Idea, Says Showrunner 1
Image: Push Square

Twisted Metal’s television adaptation has defied all expectations, becoming a mild critical success and a huge hit with audiences. Despite its low budget, the show has plenty of action and some genuinely touching moments between its cast – all set against a backdrop of crass, indulgent, grindhouse gore. With the final episode setting up a second season, fans have been asking: is it going to get made?

“Unfortunately, we have no idea if season two is happening, made all the more complicated with the strike, but I would love to do more clearly,” revealed showrunner Michael Jonathan on Twitter. Asked what fans can do to help, he replied: “Watching and sharing and word of mouth is always helpful. But being passionate like you are is already amazing, so thanks.”

In a string of tweets earlier this week, Jonathan added: “Thank you everyone for watching Twisted Metal and telling people about it. I’ve loved reading everyone’s reactions to our fun little show. I also want to say that none of it would be possible without our incredible SAG-AFTRA cast and WGA writers. All we want is a fair deal so we can get back to work and, if Peacock is happy with how our show did, make more Twisted Metal insanity for all of you.”

As you’ll no doubt know, the SAG-AFTRA strike is having a huge impact on Hollywood, with numerous films and television shows being delayed. We’re yet to get any firm data out of Peacock over how Twisted Metal has performed, but it’s likely trending above expectations given the positive word of mouth. Hopefully the strike issues will be resolved, and the team can get back to work on a second season, which we’d personally love to see.

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