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Image: Push Square

Friday the 13th, the asymmetrical adaptation of the classic slasher horror franchise, is at the end of its life, with the developer even unlocking everything for all players before the title is delisted. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, however – due out later this week on the PS5 and PS4 – will not fall to the same fate.

“The situation surrounding Friday the 13th was inherently more complicated than it is with Texas,” creative director Ronnie Hobbs told PCGamesN. “With Texas, we are dealing directly with Kim Henkel, the sole owner of the IP. We’ve been working closely with him during the entire process not only from a creative standpoint, but also a legal one. We have been as diligent as possible during this entire experience to ensure things go smoothly.”

Hobbs wouldn’t be drawn on the specifics which ultimately led to Friday the 13th’s demise, but it sounds like his team has learned from the entire experience, and put plans in place to ensure the long-term security of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He continued: “After the success of Friday the 13th, we had a lot of potential suitors contacting us about turning their IP into games. We spent quite a while sorting through and weighing our options before finally being introduced to Kim Henkel. Once we discovered that both sides had an immense interest in creating a game, we quickly knew Texas was going to be our next project.”

We’ll hopefully be able to bring you a full review later this month.

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