Friday the 13th: The Game PS4 PlayStation

Friday the 13th: The Game's murdering days are almost over (at least, in this incarnation), and as a way to send the game off, players are being given the keys to the grisly kingdom.

On Twitter, the game's official account shared a list of changes that would be coming today, 6th July, via an update. These changes should allow players to go absolutely Goblin Mode until the game is ultimately delisted from the PlayStation Store on 31st December 2023, which is sadly still not a Friday.

Each and every player will gain access to the 30 most popular Legendary Perks (with the best possible rolls), have all Chaleng Skulls unlocked, and have their account boosted to the max, level 150.

Does the prospect of some overpowered fun appeal? Will you be getting in on Friday the 13th: The Game's swansong? Watch out for murderers in the comments section below.