Nintendo Switch’s shameless – and abhorrently awfulThe Last of Us knockoff has been removed from the eShop, as Sony has lodged copyright strikes against the game. The Last Hope attracted mainstream attention last month due to its very obvious similarities to Naughty Dog’s flagship survival horror series, but is no longer available to purchase.

While it’s unclear why the game has been removed for sale, notes that the title’s YouTube trailer has been hit by a copyright strike, submitted by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s highly likely, then, that PlayStation’s legal team took particular issue with this knock-off – especially considering all of the media attention it was attracting.

Sony Seemingly Forces Nintendo to Remove Rubbish The Last of Us Ripoff from Switch's Store 2
Image: Push Square

We’ll contact Sony, Nintendo, and developer VG Games to try and understand exactly what has happened here. It looks like the Moldovan studio simply flew too close to the sun this time, however.