The Last Hope Nintendo Switch Game 1

Notice anything fishy about new Nintendo Switch release The Last Hope: Dead Zone Survival? It looks a lot like a certain popular PlayStation exclusive from Naughty Dog, doesn’t it? Obviously this isn’t the first time a developer has tried to mimic the style of Sony’s smash hit survival horror, but this may be the most shameless attempt thus far – it also looks absolutely dreadful.

The game – which launched on 30th June – promises a “captivating plot” and “immersive graphics”, but the gameplay footage embedded above proves that this is barely a hobby project trying to make a quick buck. The gameplay looks absolutely atrocious, with unwieldy melee combat and unreactive undead enemies. Forget Joel and Ellie – here we have Brian and Eva!

The store page says the game’s been developed by VG Games, a Moldova-based studio behind titles like Need for Drive and Max Reckoning. It also released Wolf Simulator on the PS4 earlier in the year, which doesn’t look very good either. At least it’s a somewhat original idea, however!

The game’s currently available for £0.99 from the Nintendo eShop, and to be fair to Nintendo, we assume this isn’t breaking any rules. After all, only last year a God of War Ragnarok copycat also launched on the Xbox Store. We suppose this was inevitable in this age of shovelware infested digital storefronts, and we reckon it’s only a matter of time before the PS Store falls victim to some kind of clone like this as well.