Just announced, Hello Engineer is a collaborative tinkerers toolbox coming to PS4, and soon: craft vehicles and machines (alone or with friends), with your creations seemingly limited only by your own imagination from 17th August.

We had to check twice, but Hello Engineer is indeed set in the expanding Hello Neighbor Universe which, seemingly off the back of that one creepy but quite bad indie from years ago, has swollen to include seven spinoff games and an animated series. Apparently, publisher tinyBuild acquired the original developers, Dynamic Pixels, and reinvested $15 million into making that stranger danger man a thing.

That said, Hello Engineer looks quite cool, and left-brained types feeling the sting of Dream's now-shuttered live service might find something to love here.

What do you think of Hello Engineer? Did this "Neighbor Univers" burst fully formed into existence, or has it been growing quietly in the shadows, and are the other games any good? Let us know in the comments section below.

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