The Hello Neighbor series has been surprisingly successful, partly thanks to popular YouTubers turning it into some sort of viral hit. Essentially, it revolves around sneaking into the nefarious neighbour's house to discover what secrets he holds, but you need to be careful, as he'll be tracking you down. The latest entry is Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue, bringing the cartoonish horror experience to both PSVR2 and PSVR.

Playing as a group of children, your task is to rescue your friend from Mr. Peterson, and you'll need to combine their skills to solve puzzles and find secrets. The neighbour will come to catch you if he finds you in his house, so you'll need your wits about you. We've no doubt this will be quite spooky in virtual reality, with the clomping footsteps chasing you.

It's being worked on in part by Steel Wool Studios, the team most famous for Five Nights at Freddy's, so there's at least some VR and horror expertise there. Are you interested in this one? Knock and run in the comments section below.