Sea of Stars PS Plus Extra

Sea of Stars, the anticipated indie RPG, is out today on PS5 and PS4 — and if you happen to be subscribed to PS Plus Extra, you can dive right in. The game was confirmed for Sony's service earlier in the month, and going by critic reviews, this is definitely a title that fans of old school adventures will want to check out.

We gave it a 'great' 8/10 in our own Sea of Stars PS5 review, concluding that the incredibly charming RPG is "immensely enjoyable from start to finish". Our write-up continues: "While it's been inspired by various classic RPGs, it sets itself apart with an engaging story, some brilliant characters, and surprisingly deep lore." The turn-based combat system is pretty good, too.

So, will you be playing Sea of Stars? Set off on a classic island-hopping adventure in the comments section below.