Armored Core 6 Bus
Image: Push Square

The year is 2023, and niche mecha series Armored Core is being advertised on the side of buses in the UK. Indeed, as reposted by Bandai Namco Europe on Twitter, the upcoming action title is getting a marketing push that would make most AAA releases blush β€” and it's just crazy to see.

If you're anything like us, you'll remember a time when Armored Core was some slightly strange, super hardcore PS2 robot thing, typically found on the pre-owned shelves of your local GAME, being sold for just a few quid. For the record, we bought and played several of them β€” and enjoyed ourselves! β€” but we would have never in a million years anticipated Armored Core's meteoric rise to fame.

Of course, the franchise is leapfrogging off the back of giants β€” it didn't get to this point by itself. Developer FromSoftware has enjoyed its own ascent, with its Souls games β€” most recently Elden Ring β€” catapulting it to the highest echelons of the industry. Seemingly all Armored Core 6 needed was the FromSoftware name attached to it.

Anyway, we're still struggling to wrap our heads around this madness. Did you ever expect to see a series like Armored Core be advertised like this? Remember to conserve your ammo in the comments section below.

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