As revealed last week, PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium have both received another meaty update to their respective catalogues. With the exception of Sea of Stars, which releases into PS Plus Extra on the 29th August, the new lineup is available to download right now on PS5 and PS4.

In total, members are getting another 17 games, three of which are retro PSP titles. Two games joining the Extra catalogue are day one arrivals — it seems the quantity of games launching onto Sony's service is gradually increasing. As a reminder, here's a rundown of what we're getting access to this month:

PS Plus Extra: August 2023

PS Plus Premium: August 2023

Going by our recent Push Square Poll, the majority of you lot are pretty chuffed with this selection of software, and a whopping 40 per cent have said they're most looking forward to playing the retro-flavoured RPG, Sea of Stars. As mentioned, you'll have to wait a couple more weeks for that one, but hopefully it's worth it. You're all much less enthused about PS Plus Premium's trio of classic games, with the majority saying they're not interested in playing any of them.

Anyway, there's lots to be getting on with here. What will you be playing in this new selection? Tell us in the comments section below.