PS Plus Drives Down PS Store Prices on Over 2,000 PS5, PS4 Games 1
Image: Push Square

PS Plus subscribers, irrespective of tier, can enjoy double discounts on over 2,000 items from the PS Store right now – through 13th September. Offers expand to a variety of tentpole titles, including Dead Island 2 for £41.99/$48.99, Grand Theft Auto 5 for £17.49/$19.79, and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for £15.59/$15.59. Please keep in mind all these prices are at their lowest for PS Plus subscribers only.

Other noteworthy discounts include LEGO 2K Drive for £39.59/$39.59, Dead Space for £48.99/$48.99, and the excellent Marvel’s Midnight Suns for £25.99/$23.99. You can find the full selection of savings through here, but be sure to check back into the comments section and let us know what you’re buying – if anything at all!