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Ratatan, the meteorically-successful, Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to the Patapon series, is officially coming to both PS5 and PS4. Developer Ratata Arts shared the happy news on X and promised additional stretch goals, having already smashed even their most ambitious offerings. Fully funded in the first hour (with six times the initial ask at the time of writing), it's probably worth noting that Kickstarter campaigns run for 30 days, and the team still has 29 on the clock.

The clever blending of the rhythm and strategy genres was immediately an addictive hit when the original Patapon launched on PSP back in 2007, in that hazy, pre-historical era before Push Square existed (although Sammy did manage Patapon 2 at launch, 7/10 if you're interested), selling well enough to spawn a beloved series.

With Ratatan being helmed by original Patapon creator Hiroyuki Kotani, and composer Kemmei Adachi returning for the endeavour, it's easy to see why the PlayStation faithful are sending this one into the stratosphere. We aren't experts on fair use or copyright, but we have to imagine someone's lawyer says this is fine, and so look forward to playing this one in the years to come.

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