Number of Players
Release Date

PlayStation Portable

  • US 5th May 2009
  • EU 6th Mar 2009
  • JP 27th Nov 2008


  • Review Patapon 2 (PlayStation Portable)

    Patapon is a rhythm game that combines elements of RPG and strategy with its beat-matching gameplay

    You use the face buttons to create a beat, of which certain patterns control the angry-eyed Patapon warriors you oversee. On its surface, Patapon feels like basic rhythm game. But as you progress you'll find the game has a lot of depth which requires...


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About The Game

The tale of the Patapon tribe continues, as they hunt for the legendary World's End'. Shipwrecked on a new continent, they depend upon you, their god, to lead them through this strange new land. As you guide them with your divine drum, they will face a strange new tribe, meet the mysterious and powerful Hero Patapon, and uncover the ruins of the fabled Patapolis.

  • New Hero' Patapon – develop and customise this special warrior in both single-player and multi-player mode to create your own personalised Patapon fighter
  • Filled with new elements – with more than 60 stages, more than 20 bosses, and nearly 400 different in-game items to collect, there's double the content of the first game
  • A brand new story to amuse Patapon fans, filled with fun moments, intriguing mysteries and new characters
  • Tutorial missions to help Patapon newcomers get drumming to the beat in no time at all, ensuring a gentle learning curve for beginners
  • Missions can be replayed repeatedly to uncover extra hidden items that will enhance your Patapon army, offering great replay value