Hello Games is clearly far from done with No Man's Sky, as it's just dropped the latest in a long string of massive, meaningful updates. The sci-fi explore-'em-up has now received its next free expansion, Echoes, teased last week, and it's another literal game-changer.

The headline addition this time is a brand new race of robots, which is the first to be brought to the game since its launch in 2016. These robots bring with them "rich new story content", and completing robot assignments lets you earn parts with which to make your avatar a robot, if you fancy.

The other big attraction is improved space combat, with a focus on freight ships. Hello Games has implemented freighter vs. freighter fights, with pirate freight ships to take down. A big plus for Star Wars fans: you'll be able to fly through the trenches of these enemy freighters and sabotage their shields before destroying them.

Other noteworthy changes include the ability to scrap Multi-tools, build your own ceremonial staff, display your discoveries in a holographic museum, and play the new Voyagers expedition. Elsewhere, the game has had yet another tech refinement, improving "rendering quality, stability and performance". The PSVR2 version of the game will now take advantage of the headset's foveated rendering, meaning the stuff you're actually looking at will be drawn in higher quality than the surroundings.

There's more to discover in the lengthy patch notes through the link, but suffice to say that Echoes is another whopper of an update. Will you be checking out No Man's Sky's new bits and bobs? Launch into the comments section below.

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