PSVR2 hit C-Smash VRS will receive a huge overhaul on 14th September 2023 that adds new modes, more than 40 new stages, and a host of other features in a free update. The big highlight is an Infinity mode, which as the name suggests, tasks you with keeping the ball in play for as long as possible while avoiding oncoming hazards. You can then take the mode online in two-player co-op, as detailed in the trailer above.

English developer Wolf & Wood Interactive also adds the AI Bot — previously only seen in online modes — to offline play. You'll be able to tune it to easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings, then put up with its gloating upon scoring a point against you. Elsewhere, a new emote system allows you to send emojis (the trailer shows a love heart) back and forth with online players.

The core Journey mode is also receiving a facelift as more than 40 stages are added along with new mechanics. Much like the original Cosmic Smash, the Multi-Ball releases tons of balls into the arena all at once while the Portal teleports balls from one block to another. Then, new game features include player stats, instant replays, and a music player. The PSVR2 title is part of today's new PS Store Double Discounts sale, so you can save 25 per cent on the base game and enjoy all of the above from 14th September 2023.

In our C-Smash VRS PSVR2 review, we praised the title for its enjoyable gameplay, visuals, and soundtrack, concluding: "With finely tuned motion controls, sparklingly simple visuals, and a chilled-out electronic score, it’s yet another fine addition to Sony’s roster of VR titles." Will you return to C-Smash VRS for even more ball-batting action? Let us know in the comments below.