NBA 2K24’s single player MyCAREER mode has gotten increasingly complicated over the years, so we suspected it was only a matter of time before 2K Sports dialled it back a bit. This year’s campaign feels like the simplification the series has been yearning for, as you’ll have one objective: become the Greatest of All Time.

In order to achieve this, you’ll be able to expedite your career by competing in key games, which will be determined based on importance, match-ups, and rivalries. Win these games and you’ll begin to pad out your jewellery box with rings, as you make your way from promising rookie right the way through to legendary superstar.

In terms of other features, The City has been given a beachside facelift, and affiliations have been reduced from four to just two: the Atlantis-themed RISE and the futuristic ELITE. You’ll be able to pick a side as you progress, and also undertake in a street ball side-quest featuring larger-than-life events with expectant crowds and hype-building MCs.

One other key addition is the ability to form a team of five using your MyPLAYER and four real-life NBA stars, enabling you to play one-versus-one matches with your created character. The list of features does look small this year, and we daresay long-time fans may be disappointed with the offering, but considering how bloated MyCAREER has become, a back-to-basics experience is potentially overdue.