NBA 2K24 is the brand new basketball simulation from 2K Sports, developed by Visual Concepts. Inspired by the 2023-24 NBA season, the game features all of the official teams and players from the National Basketball Association, as well as the WNBA. In addition to the usual MyPlayer and MyTeam modes, this year's game also features a full campaign inspired by LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

Please note that there will be fundamental differences between the new-gen and current-gen versions of the game. While this NBA 2K24 guide covers both releases, and some variations will be explained, you may find your experience differs depending upon which console you own.

NBA 2K24 Guide: How to Rule the Basketball Court

NBA 2K24 Guide: How to Rule the Basketball Court 1
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Builds are an imperative part of NBA 2K24, as they determine how your MyPlayer will perform both in the MyCareer single player mode and online in The City social hub. In this section of our guide, we've divided up our recommended builds across the five different positions you'll find on the basketball court. Please note that these are just our suggestions, and you should use our builds as inspiration to help get you started, rather than a definitive set of rules.

If you're new to NBA 2K24, or basketball in general, here's an overview of all the positions to help you better understand how to get started:


  • Also Known As: The Five
  • Description: The Center is typically the tallest player on the team, and operates beneath the basket both on offense and defense. This player's strength and height makes them responsible for offensive rebounds and bringing others into play. Defensively, they're also tasked with collecting rebounds and even blocking shots.
  • Examples: Joel Embiid, Nikola Jokić

Power Forward

  • Also Known As: The Four
  • Description: The Power Forward is similar in terms of physical attributes to the Center, but will often be faster and have a better playmaking skills and shooting prowess. This player is generally quite versatile on both sides of the court, operating both inside the paint and around its perimeter depending on the team's needs.
  • Examples: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Zion Williamson

Small Forward

  • Also Known As: The Three
  • Description: The Small Forward is usually shorter than the Power Forward, and works as a jack-of-all-trades. This player will typically have excellent ball handling skills and passing range, but will also be among the best shooters on the team.
  • Examples: LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard

Shooting Guard

  • Also Known As: The Two
  • Description: The Shooting Guard is typically the fastest player on the team. This player's responsible for driving the ball down the court, creating offensive plays, scoring points, and shooting from distance.
  • Examples: James Harden, Paul George

Point Guard

  • Also Known As: The One or The Point
  • Description: The Point Guard is usually the smallest player on the team, and is responsible for orchestrating the team's offense, by assisting teammates and also finishing off attacks. This player has a similar role to the Quarterback in the NFL.
  • Examples: Steph Curry, Luka Dončić


Spending hours honing your build in NBA 2K24 will mean very little if you don't optimise your gameplay with the correct settings and camera angles. Fortunately, a few tweaks to the title's options can really take your game to another level, and we're here to help.


Depending on your personal preference, you'll likely spend a chunk of your time with NBA 2K24 playing MyCareer mode. This is where you'll work your way up the ranks to become basketball's undisputed GOAT in single player, while also engaging in online matches alongside the rest of the release's community. But if you're struggling to make the most of MyCareer, we have some tips which can help.

Virtual Currency

Virtual Currency is essential to almost every aspect of NBA 2K24, as it's the in-game currency you'll use to upgrade your MyPlayer and also purchase card packs in MyTeam. While you can purchase denominations of VC with real money, we're going to explain some ways you can earn it for free in game.

Locker Codes

Lockers Codes are time limited text strings which can be entered to unlock bonuses in NBA 2K24, typically in the card collecting MyTeam mode. We'll be updating our list of Locker Codes frequently, so keep an eye out for the latest active codes available.

That just about concludes our NBA 2K24 guide, but we'll be adding to and expanding to this page throughout the lifecycle of the game, so be sure to check back frequently for future updates. Do you jabe any other tips and tricks for 2K Sports' basketball simulation? Let us know in the comments section below.