Mid-generation hardware upgrades are relatively new territory for console players, and it remains to be seen how much of a splash the still formally unannounced PS5 Pro will make whenever it emerges. Sony's putting up some impressive numbers with PS5 (41.7 million and rising), but not everyone is expecting a mid-gen refresh to set the world on fire.

Speaking to IGN, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick doesn't expect enthusiast SKUs to move the needle very much and says: "[It] all depends on what that mid-generation upgrade would look like. Generally speaking, the mid-generation upgrades haven't really changed much... aren't all that meaningful."

Back in 2017, before his inauguration as the currently reigning CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan stated on the record: "Almost one in five PlayStations sold since that launch in November has been a Pro. That's significantly ahead of our expectations. We're feeling pretty good about that."

It's hard to know exactly how many PS4 pros are out in the wild, but we'd suppose that Zelnick is probably someone in a position to know. Sony's cagey with its business & data sales, bundling SKUs to get those big numbers and hide the low ones (Vita data is not disclosed, for example).

Core gamers want the thing, of course, but it wasn't that long ago that PS5 scarcity was rampant. We can't imagine anyone who purchased the current model in the last year would be very keen to upgrade if it does stick to its rumoured release in November 2024. Let us know what you think in the comments section.