Astro Bot Rescue Mission PS5 PlayStation 5 1

It may not come as much of a shock, but it looks like PlayStation is plotting more Astro Bot. The eagle-eyed Gematsu spotted that Sony has submitted a bunch of trademarks for the character in Europe, suggesting something may be afoot. While there’s no specific evidence of a new game here, we wouldn’t bet against the pint-sized protagonist reappearing in the very near future.

Astro Bot has organically become a bit of a PlayStation icon: he first appeared in the free PS4 tech demo The Playroom, only to later earn more of a starring role in PSVR pack-in The Playroom VR. This led to the full-blown Astro Bot Rescue Mission game, before he finally found fame as the playable character in the excellent Astro’s Playroom on PS5.

Since then, developer Team ASOBI has transformed into a full-blown first-party developer, and is assumed to be working on a new game – presumably for PS5 or PSVR2. As it’s been several years since the release of Astro’s Playroom now, it’s likely we’ll learn about its next project in the near-future – especially if these trademarks are evidence of an impending announcement.

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